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The Story

You know that sinking feeling you get when you want to launch a new product, or a new business, or scale your existing business and you don't know where to start?

You ask your friends and colleagues. You post on social media. You ask for other people's opinions. And everyone has a different opinion.

It feels like you need a degree to figure out what systems you should be using!

Software platforms, making them work together, ensuring things will operate the way you want them to...there's a lot riding on this.

And the only advice you can get is no advice.

You need a champion for you and your company!

The Problem

Choosing and setting up your systems is an overwhelming prospect. Everyone has an opinion, but no one seems to agree.

Who do you listen to? How do you know that the advice you're getting is what's best for your business and not just in someone else's best interest.

The Solution

System Chicks is your champion!

With over a decade and a half in online business, and having worked with multiple 7 and 8 figure companies as they grew and scaled, we have dialed in a simple and reliable process to select and set up the right systems for your business.

A champion for your company will listen to your needs, help you sort through all of the noise, and eliminate the frustration and despair you are feeling around your systems. We will empower you to make swift and efficient decisions, execute with intention and precision and implement with speed and design.

Direction. Training. Support. Implementation.

Strategy & Research

Most tech headaches come from no strategic planning for your technology needs. At the System Chicks we never skip the strategy! By looking at the big picture we can dial it back to make sure your set up fits YOUR needs!

Design & Development

Once we develop your strategy we will design your set up taking into account what your goals are, your resources, and your skills. Then we develop your systems and get you all set up!

Marketing & Target

With over 20 years in marketing and sales we bring with us our passion for marketing, targeting your message and optimizing your dollar. The best technology won't help if your message is off, so we will help you get that dialed in as well!


No Contracts. We believe it's on us to EARN our relationship. Every. Single. Day.

While some companies require long term contracts or commitments, we don't.

We believe we have to earn our relationship with you. And we can only do that by showing up every day. Doing an amazing job for you every time. And overdelivering on your most outrageous wants and needs.


You did in an hour what the Learn Dash help guy couldn't do

"You rock!!! You did in an hour what the Learn Dash help guy couldn't do with his multiple attempts!!!"

Peggy Lamb Owner

This was a great workshop

Thanks Tracy, this was a great workshop. Easy and straightforward. I appreciate the work and effort you put into organizing the content and sharing all the great tips!!

Creator Compass CEO

I wish I could take Tracy and the Systems Chicks team to all my meetings!

I wish I could take Tracy and the Systems Chicks team to all my meetings! They make things so simple, make sure everything is connected and working, and work magic with their troubleshooting. I don't know what I would do without them.

Sarah CEO, Media Company

Tracy explains things in a way that I can understand them

Tracy explains things in a way that I can understand them, participate in the decisions, and relax knowing that she's got it all under control. What she sets up always works and if it doesn't, she does whatever it takes to fix it. So grateful I found her!

Diane O Virtual Assistant

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