The System Chicks was formed to help people like you set up technology without the headaches! 

 Started by a mother/daughter/daughter team who have run their own businesses and worked in multiple industries for over 15 years, The System Chicks is unlike any business you have ever worked with.

Our sole purpose is to overwhelm you with support and guidance as you implement and integrate the systems you will need to successfully run your business and reach your goals.

Mom, Tracy has been working in the online business world for more than 2 decades.  With a career that spans industries and decades she has successfully navigated the tides of change and growth, both as an entrepreneur and as an employee.

Tracy is a bit of a unicorn, loving and excelling in both math and technology as well as marketing and sales. While most people are strong in one or the other, Tracy was lucky enough to be gifted with skills and interests in both logic and language.

Her University counselor was quite confused when she asked to pursue a dual major in both Math and English.  So confused, in fact, they didn't have any way to allow that, because "people just don't like both."

She has been a Director of Operations/Operations Manager of several 7 and 8 figure companies, a Director of IT Operations, Communications Director, CEO and more, none of which would have been possible without strong project management systems and other technological systems to support growth and operations.

As a sales person she sold herself out of several jobs, launched an insurance agency and started her own companies that were based on sales.  It was in those roles that she learned the value of a strong and well organized CRM. 

Tracy works hard to make sure that every system set up gives clients the confidence that their systems will work to support them and simplify their business. Training and support are key components of a strong set up, and Tracy makes sure each of those items is on point.

When she's not working Tracy is most likely playing with her animals, adopting new animals, or finding a way  to spend time with someone else's animals!

Our goal is to give you the skills and knowledge to have the confidence to implement and manage your own technology and to effectively direct your own tech team.

Daughter Amber has had a successful career as a trainer in the insurance industry and later as a technology implementation specialist for multiple online based companies.

With a strong background in customer service and training teams Amber is acutely aware of how a customer or employee experience can impact the entire journey with a company, and she is wholly dedicated to building systems and processes to optimize that experience.

Her ingenuity with tech systems to support and improve client experience has up leveled many organizations.

Amber's fierce protection of the customer journey, and attention to the client experience at every touch-point drives all decisions around technology and systems. 

It is, after all, the client that is the true beneficiary of strong and organized systems.

In her free time you will find Amber surrounded by a pile of books, often times reading books that are 500 pages or more because she loves to learn. History and mythology are her favorite topics, though she will read just about anything.

All 3 of these ladies have strong backgrounds in NLP, which helps them to communicate more effectively with their own clients, and to help their clients communicate with their own clients.

Daughter Hannah has a series of successes all her own.  She started her first online business at the ripe age of 9 with the help and direction of her mom and her grandpa. Through that company she has helped countless parents and kids strengthen their relationships and grow their fitness through yoga.

She has gone on to start a nonprofit to assist survivors of natural disasters at the age of 15, a talk show at 15, and has been heavily involved in many other businesses over the years.

A chapter board member for Golden Key National Honor Society and a chapter board member for National Society of Leadership & Succcess, Hannah is a junior in college and on the Dean's list. You could say she is an over achiever.

Her passion for excellence and attention to detail is invaluable in helping clients track and measure the results of their efforts. She has been studying Dan Kennedy teachings since 2009 and brings our company and clients the best of reporting and analytics.

When she's not working or going to school Hannah will most likely be working out, dancing or brushing and riding her horses.

But don’t worry, Tracy, Amber and Hannah aren’t the only ones involved. There are a number of other badass women involved in The System Chicks...all equally dedicated to helping you operate the business you’ve been dreaming about.

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