I could rattle off a ton of statistics and studies that all show     copywriting matters.

We can look at stats on increased traffic for sites with good copy (7.8x more traffic) or why great content is so much more important now than ever before with the improvements in ad blockers for browsers and shortened attention span for visitors.

And you don’t need me to tell you that the copy you put up on your website or send out in your emails will be far more effective when they are written well and in a compelling way.

You know that from your own behavior. You are more likely to buy something from a site that is written well and written for you.

And there is so much to writing good copy that even if you are a great copywriter you likely don’t have the time to do it.

From studying your avatar, researching current trends, getting into your audience’s head to spending time on the edits and revisions.

Have you ever hired anyone to write copy for you?

It’s hard, right?

Finding the right person, training them on your business, your offers, your audience, your voice…

Editing their work, showing them what works and what doesn’t…

It takes a LOT of time. 

And often times it doesn’t even work! Your copywriter isn’t as trained as they said they were, they just can’t get your voice down, they make claims you didn’t approve…

Sometimes they will be given the go ahead, things will be going great so you let them write and send emails and then, without warning…

They insert a promise you never knew about and would never approve.


But now it’s out in the world. 

Things like this can sink even the strongest business.

As the business owner it’s ultimately your responsibility to honor whatever is put out in print.

Honoring overzealous promises and backing out of offers made in print, even with the best of explanations, can do more to damage a reputation than imagined. 

Your business is built on your word, and when you allow someone else to write your word you must trust them 100%.

Knowing what it takes to find and hire a great copywriter and having been there...

 System Chicks has developed a copywriting program that will get you predictable results from an expertly trained team.

System Chicks Delivers

Whether you need copy for your funnels, website or emails, our copywriters are US based, trained in direct response copywriting and NLP for persuasion, and follow processes to make sure you see what goes out BEFORE it goes out.

Your Voice, Your Messgae

We work with you to identify your voice, your copy, and your message. You approve all copy before it goes public and ensure that it is what you want out there.

Quick Training & Results

We’ve developed a system (of course we have, right?) to get your dedicated copywriter trained on your voice quickly and efficiently to make sure everything fits and sounds like it comes directly from you. 

Save Time & Increase Conversions

Working with a professional copywriter can save you time, increase your conversions, and free you up to do what you do best...your business!

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