Did you know that more than half of Americans have scrapped a planned purchase because of a bad customer service experience?

So, all the work done to build a great website, solid offer and amazing deliverables is trashed because of just one bad customer service experience!

How frustrating is that?

No second chance. No chance to explain.

Not only is customer service one of the most important things you can do as a business owner, it can also be one of the most time consuming.

To effectively handle customer service issues you must respond quickly, kindly and with compassion. This means you have to be monitoring your phone, chat and email systems consistently throughout your day.

Doing this at the same time as you are growing and running your business can quickly become overwhelming. It is time consuming, stressful and emotionally draining to handle customer service complaints every day.

Combine the fact that 33% of people say they will find another company to work with after just one bad experience with the fact that 70% of people will spend more money with a company who provides great customer service and you can easily understand the importance of this part of your business.

So what are you doing to ensure an amazing customer experience?

What systems have you put in place to ensure that every customer who interacts with your company will have a memorably wonderful experience?

If you have a customer support person or team, that is fantastic! A great person or team handling these issues will absolutely prove well worth it in the long run.

If you don’t, it will likely be worth your time to consider hiring a team. But not just any team. You need trained experts in customer experience who understand how it will impact you and your business if things don't go well.

Utilizing tools to let you know how your team is handing customer requests is critical to being able to keep an eye on your customer's happiness. Asking someone to take over and not having access to see how it's going leaves you vulnerable and potentially blind to problems until it's too late.

Finding someone who is customer oriented, understands the importance of happy, no, thrilled customers and is able to diffuse frustrated customers is invaluable to the success of your business.

System Chicks Delivers

System Chicks has put together a unique offering that will help you keep your clients and customers happy while allowing you to run your business.

We offer a team of highly skilled Customer Experience Specialists who love to deliver outstanding service to your customers!

Our team is trained in:

  • Communication Skills
  • Technology Support
  • Customer Experience
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Light Sales Strategies 
  • Your Customer Journey
  • And Your Company's Services & Policies

For one retainer you can have a dedicated Customer Success Team who will handle all requests and create raving fans for you and your company!

Exceptionally Trained Team

System Chicks offers a team of exceptionally trained individuals to help you with your customer service needs. They all understand the importance of outstanding customer experience, are comfortable with technology, and strive for one call resolution times. 

Happiness Guarantee

System Chicks offers a 95% Happiness Guarantee. That means that, at minimum, 95% of your customers will rate your customer service well on monthly and quarterly surveys or you will be refunded your monthly retainer.

100% Ready to Go

Using our proprietary training and operating system our customer experience specialists will be ready to start handling your support requests within 7 days of onboarding. No more month long trainings, we will be up and running in a week!

4 Hour Response Time

We promise that all customer requests will be responded to within 4 business hours. Your prospects and clients are forming opinions based on their experience, you deserve to know they will have an amazing experience every time!

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