Together We Are Changing

 the World

What if just by building your business you made a measurable impact on the world?

Our global impact initiative, in partnership with B1G1, is designed to do just that!

Through our “You Grow, We Give” program, each time we start work with a new client, someone reviews our company, a retainer client pays their retainer and more, we give back to those in need.

B1G1 screens every cause they list to ensure each contribution makes the greatest possible impact. And with their help we can even track the impact we create together. 

The best part?

100% of giving goes directly to the chosen projects. Their administrative fees are handled by a separate charge that System Chicks pays each month, so the giving truly gets given.


How it Works

step 1


Each month, We pick FIVE worthy projects to donate to. These projects are out there in the world doing amazing work with those who need it. 

step 2


We would like your help! We will send out an email with the details of each project and ask you to vote for the one you feel most connected to. 

step 3


Three projects will receive that month's donations.  

At the System Chicks we  believe that every business has the power, even the responsibility, to change lives by giving hope to those in need.

By integrating the power of giving into our everyday business activities System Chicks has made giving back a way of life.

Causes We Are Supporting this month - February, 2021

 Just imagine, if you refer a new coaching client, here’s the impact you can have:

For the referral we will provide 90 days of literacy and business training for women in Uganda. When they choose to work with us we will rescue 100 meals for the hungry in the US. And because they are a coaching client we will give 240 days of access to e-Learning to children in India.

 thank you!

Not just for joining the System Chicks family and trusting us to handle your job, but for making a difference in the world as well!

Together we are making an impact!