Ever notice that there is course after course about how to build your business?

 Every time you turn your head gurus claim to help you set up your business, create your offer, build your message, craft your marketing plan and put together a powerful product. Many of them offer add on modules about how to select and/or set up your technology. But it seems something is always missing...Right? Yeah, I get it. I lived it!

I was that person who spent more on trainings than I ever want to add up, but still sat there without a product or service launched, no list, and, of course, no money!

Now, that was about 15 years and I’ve learned a LOT since then! I’ve learned what works and how to set things up so that I can actually build and grow my business.

I’ve also learned what doesn’t work.And you know what? A LOT doesn’t work! Like, a whole lot!

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, probably more than my fair share. Haha, maybe more than your fair share too!

Over the years not only have I become proficient at most of the systems out there, I have had the extreme honor of working on them for multiple 6, 7, 8 and 9 figure companies. 

Imagine the mistakes I have made! Oh, the number of ways I have found that things don’t work! It’s amazing. I’ve also learned a LOT about what does work.

And the most important thing I know to be true, and have seen tested both to be successful and unsuccessful, is that you can have the best course, product or service…

But if your technology isn’t set up properly you will never be as successful as you could be. Never. Period.

Rebecca Simon

Her knowledge allows business owners to have peace of mind and spend their time growing their companies.

You know what else I’ve learned?

If your technology and systems are set up properly and you have the other pieces in place you can be more successful than you ever thought!

No joke! I have seen people who were simply hoping for 1 or 2 sales in a launch get over 50 once their systems were set up properly.

I’ve also seen launches that had previously fallen flat hit 5 figures in a relaunch once things were connected and working well.

And now you can benefit from all of those mistakes and successes!

Our implementation services are built with you in mind.

Because we’ve been there! While we work with most systems, we recommend those that offer superior customer experiences, integrate smoothly with existing systems and have easy to learn user interfaces.

We carefully vet any system we recommend because we know you are counting on us, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

How is working with the System Chicks different than any other tech company?

We are your technology partners, becoming as invested in your success as you are. Working with you to understand the outcomes you are going for, and collaborating to determine the best path to get there!

We take a little longer in the beginning to get a clear understanding so you can experience bigger and better success!

We empower you to make changes when you need them!

While we love to continue working with our clients, and almost always do, we also want you to feel empowered to make immediate changes when needed.

 You know, when you notice something on the weekend or late at night when no one is available to make an immediate change, but it’s kind of a big deal that it be changed right away?

We don’t believe you should ever be held hostage by your providers, and we work hard to make sure you have what you need to run your business.

Because as we have all seen lately, sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to be able to make changes, Quickly.

System Chicks Delivers

System Chicks was created to empower all entrepreneurs to understand and manage their technology. Using unique systems and processes we will set up and maintain your technology in a way to support YOUR business and YOUR goals. Not ours.

And our No BS, No Pushback guarantee promises you will be happy!

Training Videos with All Builds

All of our implementations come with training videos that will allow you to make updates and improvements to your systems if needed.

Full Service Technology Implementation

Whether it is your website, LMS (learning management system), CRM, funnel platform, project management software or something else, we will get you all set up and dialed in, ready to run a smooth and efficient company.

Custom Packages to Fit YOUR Needs

Whether you are a party of 1 or a party of many...our implementation services will make sure your business is efficient and your team is trained and ready to go.

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