It’s true. I have a new love affair in tech. 

I recently came to realize I truly am that nerdy girl who loves her some tech that does what it’s told. And if I can mold it to make it dance for me and sing a song, all the better!

That’s my experience with my current obsession. 

It’s kind of a collection of tech, but all of the combinations I am playing with these days have one piece of software in common. 


Now, depending on how much time you spend watching new software, you may or may not have heard of this before.

Either way, it is amaze-balls!

It is like a spreadsheet and a database had a baby, and that baby was Einstein!

It’s super smart, super flexible, super customizable and will literally do almost whatever you want it to. 

Ok, let’s get to it.

What can you do with Airtable?

While it may be easier to talk about what you can’t do, since this is a #MondayMuse post I thought I’d share some inspiration with you. Some ideas on things you can do to make your life and your business run easier and more efficiently.

Only 58% of organizations fully understand the value of project management. (PMI)

Social Media Planner/Tracker

As a busy entrepreneur you wear a lot of hats. And keeping track of everything can be overwhelming at times, to put it mildly.

And more often than most of us would like to admit, consistency suffers.

Consistency in posting is the key to any successful social media strategy, regardless of the channel. 

By building a simple but organized base in Airtable you can easily track your social media posts, links, promotions and more. You can then use any social media scheduler to send out your posts at the time that works best for your audience.

Content Planner

In 2020 content is as important, if not more, than ever before. Our audiences want information, content they can consume to improve themselves, get educated and learn new skills. 

You may have seen sample spreadsheets that will keep track of your content for you, allowing you to see at a glance when you have posted, what you are sharing, and what types of content you have been creating for your audience. (If you haven’t, stay tuned. I have some templates coming at you this week!)

Using Airtable you can create an easily searched document that will allow you to look at your content in spreadsheet, Kanban or calendar format. Seriously, this has been a game changer in my business and is in large part why you are seeing more valuable content more regularly from me.

Testimonial Database

We all know that testimonials are key to our business.  We use them on our websites, sales pages, opt in forms, social media..pretty much anywhere we can find to put them.

And testimonials take many different forms. Maybe it’s a screenshot from Facebook, or an email that came in. Some are videos that are posted online or filmed in person and stored on a hard drive or Google.

Whatever the format, imagine having an easily sorted and solidly referenced database of all your testimonials, regardless of format, that you can look at and even see a visual snippet of. All in one place!

Gone are the days of folder after folder with mislabelled testimonials, all stored in a different place and with different naming conventions.

Finally, a smart database where you can store your information in its complete form and you can view it with the simplicity of a spreadsheet.

Inventory List

If you have to track inventory then you have GOT to take a look at some inventory templates for Airtable.

Airtable allows you to track inventory item, sizes, colors, quantity, price per item, URL of store link and so much more it is a huge timesaver for anyone who is responsible for tracking inventory of any type of physical product.

In fact, you could even use it to track inventory of a digital product like seats in your course or digital books offered.

And if you connect it to Zapier you can even have it automagically update each time a product is sold from whatever platform you are using.

This is like an inventory system on steroids for geeks like me who love to make technology do what you want!

  • 93% of organizations report using standardized project management practices. (PMI)
  • Task Management

    You know I am a fan of Asana, and that hasn’t changed. 

    At. All.

    But, I also understand that not everyone likes to use Asana, for whatever reason. And if you fall into that group of people, then this may be the right option for you.

    Airtable functions so much like a spreadsheet on steroids that you could keep track of all of your goals, projects and tasks. 

    Since I don’t use it for my project management I won’t pretend to be an expert on this use case. BUT, do a quick search on Google and you’ll find a ton of ideas and even some templates.

    This post just scratches the surface of what Airtable can do and how you can use it to streamline your business and make your life easier. 

    And if these weren’t enough ways to use it, you can use it to make a list of all the books you have cross reference by author, to track your meals and grocery lists, to organize your wardrobe (my step-mother would LOVE to use it for this!) and so much more.

    Later this week I will be releasing some templates you can grab to use in your own business. They will be customizable and easily tailored to your needs. And you will be able to download them into your Airtable account and use them as you wish.

    I’ll make sure to send an email out when they are ready. If you would like to be notified just click here and sign up for notifications and updates and I’ll make sure to let you know when they are released. 

    I would love for you to share with me how you are using them in your business, and your life, and what you think! It is seriously one of my favorite tools to simplify my life!

    Want to check it out? Click here to sign up for a free account and get most of what you need for free! (Yeah, another reason I love it so much!)


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