Ready to launch your online course?

Our team has been building online courses for years, for companies of all shapes and sizes, and audiences large and small.

We work with coaches, course creators and online entrepreneurs who are ready to get their course out of their computer and into the hands of their audience!

Are You Ready to Launch Your Online Course!

It's time to share your genius with the world and transform the lives you were meant to touch!

Our team of expert course builders, coaches and automation experts will work with you to become your trusted online course implementation and launch team.

Help you get clear on your audience

Clarity around your audience is the single most important thing you can do to make your marketing message stick, keep your ad costs down, and increase your conversions from your marketing!

Clarify the transformation you provide

Understanding, and conveying, the transformation you provide is essential to writing a great sales page and moving people to enroll in your course.

Create your online course delivery platform

No more looking at your content and wondering what to do with it! We will take all of your brilliant content, finalize it and build it on your custom course platform.

Recommend and build your email delivery systems

An often forgotten piece of your course delivery is how you will email your students. We will work with you and set up your automated systems to service your students.

Set up and build your marketing automation system

Your marketing automation system is what will ensure you have a steady stream of new students, and income, without having to spend every day doing manual tasks. 

Be available to help you as you launch your online course

Nothing is more scary than launching a course and having something break! We will support you through your launch to make sure everything is smooth

Is now YOUR time to launch your online course?

What are you waiting for? It's time to launch your course with confidence and anticipation!

Our Team Works With Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Grow Their Business by Launching and Scaling Their Online Course

You are in the right place if you want to build your online course and you:

Value quality

You know that, while you don't want to waste money, you do get what you pay for.  Fiverr has a place, but not for everything.

Want to be empowered to serve your tribe

It's one thing to have a course built for you, but it is something else entirely to know how to maintain it and serve your students. All of our builds come with training videos so you don't feel stuck or lost.

Need help getting started

You've created your course, you have your materials, you know what you will just don't know where to put it.

Understand the importance of customer experience

Delivering an excellent customer experience is paramount to your success as a coach, a course creator, and a changemaker. And you will accept nothing less.

Meet Your Course Build Manager

In this phase you will meet with your dedicated Build Manager to walk through the build schedule, content checklist and your goals. Your Build Manager will be your single point of contact throughout your project, making communication clean and simple.

Strategy Creation

During this phase we will talk about platform choices for delivering your course, get totally clear on your USP, what makes you standout among the crowd. This will help us make sure your course is built with your outcomes and branding in mind, and that everything we put together reflects the message and mission you want to portray.

Tech Build

This is where the magic happens. Our team will get to work on building your course, setting everything up on your platform and making sure things work smoothly for your clients. User experience is critical to your success, and our team will build your course with your success in mind.

Walk Through and Training

Finally, we will deliver your course complete and ready for your review. We will perform a walk through with you so you can see what your client's experience will be and how to manage basic administration of your course. We will show you how to make updates and changes and how to do basic troubleshooting.

Final Delivery

Once you have seen and approved the build we will deliver all materials and access to you, along with walk through training videos and resource sheets that you will need to delivery excellent customer service. These tools will allow you to run your course well, deliver exceptional service, and provide experiences your clients will enthusiastically share with their friends and colleagues.

We've Worked With Clients Of All Sizes and In All Kinds of Industries

Robin M Lee

Business Owner

"Tracy is wicked smart, and is able to drill down to the base of any issue, and savvy enough to find a solution. She's constantly learning and keeping up with new modalities and technologies for the betterment of both her business and the businesses of others."

Maryam Webster

CEO, Wrytesmyth

" I first met Tracy when we worked together on the Street Smart CEO Telesummit in 2011. She instantly impressed me with her marketing competency, methodical efficiency, and knowledge of both entrepreneurial and executive process."

About Our Team


I'm  Tracy, founder of System Chicks!

We've helped dozens of experts build powerful and transformational courses for their clients.

One of the most common stumbling blocks is getting the content from your computer onto a platform so you can share your gifts with the world.

This is what we specialize in! Having built courses that serve the smallest audiences to thousands, we will custom build your course to your specifications.

So you can focus on what matters most, and what you're best at...

Creating your course and impacting your audience. 

Tracy Hoobyar

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