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Everybody needs a coach. You will be hard pressed to find a successful person anywhere who does not, at some points, lean on a coach for clarity and direction.

Having a coach who can help you grow, reach your goals, and achieve more than you could on your own is an incredibly powerful thing! Having a coach gives you the confidence of knowing you are not alone. You are working with someone who has the skills, the knowledge and the experience to help you get where you want to go.

Coaching Services

Are you ready to perform better in your current role? Hoping to take on a new role and know that your skills and knowledge need some upleveling? Want to improve your management and leadership skills so you can grow a highly effective and resilient team? Work with a highly qualified and highly experienced coach that will help you get to the next level. Through a proprietary system Tracy will guide you to perform at your best and achieve the results you are working for.

Maryam Webster CEO, Wrytesmyth

A 15-year veteran marketer with 13 years in executive coaching

A 15-year veteran marketer with 13 years in executive coaching — Tracy is a one-stop-shop to set you on the path to success, niche to launch, and beyond. She’s also excellent at marketing cycle and funnel quality analysis, and knows where to tweak events mid-stream to keep any service-based campaign or product launch successful. Tracy is not only results-focused but has the ability to cut through BS to the core of what really matters. Hire her right now before she gets too booked!

Technology Coaching

Changing or implementing new technology can be a daunting task. Whether you are a team of 1 or 20, you still need to get buy in to make it successful. Even if the buy in is your own. Work with Tracy to get the clarity you need around the why behind the launch, the support you want to see from your team, and the steps needed to successfully roll out a new tech set up without the headaches.

Growth Coaching

Whether you are building, growing or scaling a business, you will need a guide to help you navigate the choppy waters. Knowing what kind of marketing, systems and technology to implement at each step of the way is critical to reachin g your goals. Tracy can not only help coach you through what you need to do at each step of your business growth, she can help you understand what you need in each of these 3 critical areas each step of the way.

Launch Coaching

Preparing for a launch is not for the faint of heart. It takes discipline, structure, patience and experience to be able to do it smoothly and successfully. Work with someone who has helped organize and implement over a dozen launches for 6, 7 and 8 figure companies and can prepare you for the ride you have ahead of you!

About Coaching with Tracy

Tracy has been a coach for over 15 years, bringing with her an eclectic mix of interests, education and experience.

As a certified Master NLP Practitioner she also holds her certification in NLP for Health. This gives her a strong understanding of how language and the mind work together to form our relationships with ourselves and the world around us.

With this training, her degree in Psychology, and her years of experience in business that give her the edge she needs to successfully coach business owners and entrepreneurs through the ups and downs of business.

Before coaching Tracy spent years in the private sector doing everything from community relations to sales to owning her own insurance & financial services agency. She excelled at each of her positions and learned from all of them.

Once Tracy began coaching she started out coaching entrepreneurs with ADHD and parents of kids with ADHD. As the mother, and daughter, of people excelling with ADHD she had a strong passion for helping those around them understand them. 

Tracy’s dad was a serial entrepreneur, having started over 20 companies during his lifetime, and she enjoyed watching his journey through all of his successes and failures. They had a very good relationship and not only did he mentor her in business, he was very open about his successes and failures, and often discussed the strengths and weaknesses of his companies with her.

Since 2003 Tracy has been active in online marketing, studying everything she could from Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, Ryan Deiss, Ryan Levesque, Jeff Walker and similar geniuses in the online space. She has a fantastic marketing mind and loves talking marketing opportunities and systems to get your business where you want it to go.

Tracy brings with her a very direct and compassionate approach to coaching, truly enjoying seeing her clients succeed and empowering you to enjoy the journey.

I wish I could take Tracy and the Systems Chicks team to all my meetings!

I wish I could take Tracy and the Systems Chicks team to all my meetings! They make things so simple, make sure everything is connected and working, and work magic with their troubleshooting. I don't know what I would do without them.

Sarah ... CEO, Media Company