So, the question of the hour.

Why haven’t you launched your business/course/product/coaching yet?

Are you asking yourself this question? Do you wonder why, with all the training you have paid for and taken, you still haven’t launched?

You are still stuck, not knowing what to do or where to start?

You are not alone! In fact, you are in the majority.

And I’ll tell you why. It’s a dirty little secret the industry has that they don’t tell you. But I’m going to shed some light on it, and then tell you what to do about it, right now.

You ready?

Courses are designed to tell you exactly what you need to do to be successful. They will tell you what steps to take, give you worksheets, and show you videos of the things you must do to successfully launch your course.

You know what they leave out?

The HOW to execute that!  Exactly HOW do you do all of the things they tell you to do?

How do you set up a landing page? How do you connect it to your CRM or email provider? How do you know if you need a CRM or email providers?

How do you decide what the URL will be of your landing page will be? How do you set that up?

What about the website? Everyone talks about opt-ins and landing pages. Should those be on a website or somewhere else? And how do you design them?

And those questions are just the tip of the iceberg. They just begin to scratch the surface of “How do I” questions that come up in any of these trainings.

 Which begs the question, “If so many people have these questions why aren’t people answering them” and the answer is equally simple.

They just don’t have the time.

The areas these gurus teach are complex. There are a lot of moving parts and they only hae so much time to get and keep your attention.

Plus, as you know, you can’t be everything to everyone.

So really, it’s not that they’re doing anything wrong. It’s more about there being this massive gap in your training options, and, until now, there hasn’t been anyone to fill it.

That’s where we come in.

You see, we were you. We have been the struggling entrepreneur trying to figure all of this online business stuff out.

We have been the business owner who ran a successful local business and realized that we could exponentially increase the number of people we help if we would just open up an online divisions. But realizing it didn’t get it done. Or tell us how to do it. 

It just left us overwhelmed and frustrated.

We’ve been the woman with a mission, a vision of the change we could effect in this world. Understanding that our actions would in turn impact other people’s actions, which would impact others…

If only we could figure out the logistics of all of this.

And these questions were coming from people who are VERY comfortable with technology. I’ve been programming computers since the mid-80s, and haven’t found a computer system yet that scares me.

I operate on both PC and Mac, have both an iPad and a Windows tablet, and am ambidextrous on Android and iPhone.

And I still got intimidated by all of the choices out there.

And I got overwhelmed by all the things that needed to be decided, and set up, and connected, and tested…

It seemed like the list of needed to went on and on for days!

And with more hours than I care to count, a lot of falls and more get-ups, some direction from some amazing friends and mentors, hundreds of books, tens of thousands of dollars in trainings and books, I finally figured it out.



Yep, that’s the key! KISS. Keep It Simple Silly.

Whatever you prefer to call it, the less complicated, the better.

And you know what? Once you simplify things it actually gets pretty easy to figure out the how. 

Most of what buries us, makes us feel tied up in knots not knowing which way to go, is overcomplicating it, and getting all stuck in our heads about it.

So here’s what you need to know to effectively choose and set up your technology to support you and simplify your business rather than overcomplicate it.


Even if you have never thought of yourself as “techy” or good with computers, you can totally do this. 

You can decide what is best for your business. You can learn how to set it up. And you can maintain it.

If you decide to hire someone, or a team, to manage your technology, you can be educated and informed so you can manage them effectively.

The first thing you have to do is believe in yourself.  That may be the hardest step. It’s certainly the most important.

Next, take some space from all the noise of Facebook and gurus and books and decide what your strategy is. Where is your business now, and where is it going? What will you be offering your tribe? How will you be of service to your clients? What do you want their experience to be?

Next, make a list of all the things you must have to fulfill those promises. What functions will you need support to perform? Emails? Course delivery? Collecting emails? Just make a list of what functions you need.

Then, research your options for each of those functions. I know there are a lot. 

PRO TIP: Get recommendations from friends/colleagues. If someone else uses a platform, they likely know how to help if you get stuck or have someone you can hire.

Talk to each option and keep records of their answer. Do a demo or trial if you can so you can play with it. But don’t spend too long on this part. This is where paralysis sets in. Give yourself 48 hours to research AND decide. That’s it. 48 hours.

Finally, pull the trigger and decide. I know, this is the scariest part. But let me ask you this. Have you ever used a software program, for anything, and later stopped using it because you didn’t like it or it just wasn’t working like you hoped?

Of course you have. We all have. Whether it’s because we upgraded a computer or changed operating systems or moved from a local product like Microsoft to a cloud-based one like Google Drive.

We’ve all made changes and lived to tell about it.

And if you make a decision, and get started with something now, and in 6 months or a year decide it’s not for you, you will switch. That’s all.

Yes, it may cost a bit of money and time to make the change. And it may be a bit frustrating. But that’s all.

It’s not the end of the world to have to change after you get set up.

And it’s certainly not worth not starting at all!

So make the decision and get started. 

You got this!

So the next time you find yourself stuck, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, asking HOW to get something done, can do this! And then just take a step back and focus on YOUR business.

You will find all the answers you need in the quiet and the focus.


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