Your website is your digital storefront.

It is the online store that people see when they are driving by, looking for someone who offers the product or service that you offer, and deciding if it’s worth parking and going inside.

Your visitors, just like visitors to the local florist, have many choices when it comes to providers.

Except online they have more than in person.

Exponentially more.

So what are you doing to stop them on their way down the digital highway? 

What are you doing to stand out from the store down the street, so to speak?

Do you ask them to sign in as soon as they walk in the door, before you ever provide value or show them why they should listen to you?

Do you offer them a display of all of your offerings, with no consideration to their experience?

Do you share freely, knowing that you are building rapport and relationship credit every time you get them to stop and read something you’ve written?

Do you offer them multiple opportunities to engage directly with you? By sharing their email for something of great value to them, calling you to talk to someone on your team, or offering a chat widget to answer their questions?

If your website is your digital storefront, what are you doing that will make your storefront the most attractive one on the block?

Rebecca Simon

"Words can not describe Tracy's phenomenal leadership and technical abilities."

A surprising number of business owners just want to get a website up, and are satisfied with anything they can do. 

No time spent on website design, copywriting, graphic design, or user experience  

Yet, without these things, your website will absolutely not perform for you the way you are hoping it will.

There is an art to designing and developing a website. It takes skill and practice. 

Attention and skill must be given to the design of your site. It must be inviting, easy to navigate and appealing to your audience. Every decision must be made with two things in mind.

1. The experience of your visitor. How will they react when they click on your page from a search engine? When they go directly from a marketing piece or click from an ad. Will they be glad they found you, or will they think your site is outdated and hasn’t been updated in years?

2. The goal of your website. Are you using it to collect names, make sales, share your message, attract clients or sell your ecommerce product? What do you hope all visitors will do when they visit your site? Are you going for engagement or education?

Interestingly, curbside appeal and interior value are not the only concerns.

You must also consider the actual functionality of the site. How things on the site work. 

Do they do what’s expected? Do they support the goals you have for the site? Does every button, every page, drive your visitors to make decisions that will support the growth of your business?

This includes things like SEO (which we hear so much about), functionality of buttons, interior coding on the site, SSL certificates and forwards being functional, and so much more.

It is a complicated web that must be woven together to keep it as functional as possible and as effective as can be.

Through strong design principles a trained web developer can deliver you a website that will represent you and your brand with professionalism and personality.

It doesn’t matter if your website will be an eCommerce site, a course site, a service or coaching site.

These principles are all the same.

They don’t change. They don’t waiver.

They exist for any site, and every site.

And they are missing from so many sites that, if you have them, it will make it all that much easier for your site to stand out. To achieve its goal. To bring you business and pay for itself in a short time.

System Chicks Delivers

Working exclusively with Wordpress sites we are able to provide you with the most SEO and user friendly website.

Whether your site will deliver courses, be an eCommerce store, or a branding site, System Chicks has you covered!

Custom Websites

Our sites are not built with standard templates. All sites start with a personalized consultation and we work with you to create the site you've been dreaming of.

Direct Response Design

Our team is not only trained in web development and design, everyone is also trained in marketing and direct response concepts and execution. This means your website will be built to deliver results.

Training Videos Included

Every website comes with training videos so you know how your website is built and can even make updates when things change! We don't expect you to be a developer, but we believe you should know how to make changes if you want to.

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